OFFICIAL BALLOT: FILM Member Branch Voting for the Critics Choice Awards is NOW CLOSED

March 3, 2021 in MOVIES

Ballots were due on Friday, March 5 at 6:00PM ET.

56 responses to OFFICIAL BALLOT: FILM Member Branch Voting for the Critics Choice Awards is NOW CLOSED

  1. So many great movies to vote for! Can’t wait for the big show on Sunday. Wish we could all be there live, but congrats to all the nominees and cheers to an exciting Awards show!

  2. A great group of nominees. Excited for Sunday to see who won!

  3. Big thank you to Joey and all of the CCA Board for all their hard work. Very excited!

  4. Thank you Joey and the CCA Board for all your hard work and efficiency. What a great year for movies!

  5. Incredible job by our Board and organizers. I’m proud to have the chance to be part of this.

  6. I’m excited to see who won this Sunday! The show has a great lineup with Hollywood’s finest talent. I look forward to promoting and covering the event.

  7. Congrats for another great year Joey, the Board, and every CCA member. Can’t wait for the season to come!

  8. And to think we worried about not having enough good choices. These are great ones. Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. So thankful to be a part of this group. Kudos to the entire team for continuing to push “onward and upward.” I appreciate wide range of talents we’re celebrating this year.

  10. Wonderful film this year – thank you to everyone for working on the virtual event. Can’t wait for Sunday night!

  11. It was indeed, an unprecedented time for our industry, but the slate of movies that were released online or on streaming services, were truly exceptional. Good luck with the CCA Awards show. Knock ’em crazy! Stay safe everyone!
    warm regards to all, Mose

  12. Congrats to all the nominees and to the BFCA for such a great work this year! Looking forward for this Sunday!

  13. What great nominees! Sincerest thanks to Joey and the Board for leading us through the pandemic and to all CCA members for singling out these great films. Looking forward to Sunday’s show and hoping to see you all in person next year. Excelsior! Jennifer

  14. What a great list of nominees! Sincerest thanks to Joey and the Board for leading us through the pandemic and to all CCA members for singling out these great films. Looking forward to Sunday’s show and hoping to see you all in person next year. Excelsior! Jennifer

  15. Thanks to Joey and all the board members for their hardwork (I hate that I’m a “Board” and did absolutely no work to help this process along!)

    One of the things I’ll miss about attending the awards live, is the faces of the young talent that show up. I think about the girl from Florida Project, or the boy from Room, and how excited they were at the event.

  16. Thanks as usual to CCA for organizing this in the most efficient manner!

  17. Such a strong year for film that helped guide us out of a very crappy year overall. Cheers to the nominees and eventual winners!

  18. Tough choices! I am very proud of our selection of nominees and the press release comparing us to the GG was really powerful.

  19. It has been such a taxing year. Joey and the gang deserve a huge round of applause as do all of us who soldiered through making sure movies received their due. The great work of these artists needs to be heralded.

  20. I agree. tough choices. Glad to be a part of the association. Can’t wait for the results!

  21. Incredible group of nominees. Thanks to CCA for making this process smooth! Can’t wait for Sunday.

  22. So proud to be a part of this amazing group! The CCA and multitude of great films have certainly been a bright spot during this unusual time. Thanks to all of you and can’t wait for Sunday.

  23. Hey! Where’s the “like” button? ha. Congrats to all on what turned out to be a quality year under the most trying of circumstances. Best wishes to all for good health and good work!

  24. Considering what an unfortunate year we’ve had for cinema, these are really strong contenders. Thrilled and proud of our diverse slate of well-deserving nominees. The hardest part is choosing!

  25. Cheers to another great year in film everyone! Looking forward to viewing the big show on Sunday

  26. Hey, I voted! Thanks to all working behind the scenes, and I hope we get to celebrate in person again next year!

  27. Done! Wasn’t easy – lots of times I wish I could vote for more than one. Thanks to everyone working behind the scenes – I especially like how easy the interface is to use. Stay safe!

  28. Voting was harder than I thought it would be. Thanks Joey and crew for all your hard work. Looking forward to Sunday. Break a leg!

  29. Done, great list this year!

  30. For what was supposed to be a quiet year, some of these choices were incredibly difficult. Can’t wait to see how it plays out on Sunday. Thanks to everyone’s hard work on this!

  31. The show must go on!

  32. Despite the year we’ve had, there are some incredibly exciting choices here. I will so miss us being at Barker Hangar, but know the show will be as good as it can be.

  33. First time voting, and I’m so glad there were such great nominees. Can’t wait to see the show.

  34. I’ve done my part! Thanks to everyone, especially Lisa Waters. 🙂

  35. Thanks to all of you making this happen. I love being a part of this group.

  36. I was a bit surprised that three of my favorite movies of the year — “Driveways,” “Bull,” and “Burn Orange Heresy” didn’t get any love from the group.

  37. With such fabulous films hitting late this year, I can not wait to see who we’ve all chosen as the BEST OF THE BEST! & Thanks to all @CriticsChoice for your hard work, as I’m sure that this will end up being a year, that none of us will soon forget!

  38. Voting completed! Great job to the ENTIRE CCA Board for pushing forward in such a wild year! Sure hope to be on site at the next awards show …it’s always an honor! Looking forward to Sunday night! 🙂

  39. Some really tough choices to make this year – great group of nominees! I’ll echo what everyone else is writing and say a huge thank you to Joey and the CCA Board. You guys are rockstars!

  40. Brilliant choice to include in the show extensive clips from films and series that viewers might not have seen. Been promoting that heavily, and listeners/viewers/readers seem to be hugely interested. They haven’t had the opportunity to see so much, they’ll get a rundown everything worth watching and discover new options. Just what’s needed!

  41. So many good choices – difficult to choose but so happy we are continuing with this great tradition albeit virtually! Looking forward to Sunday night and really looking forward to an “in person” celebration in 2022! Thanks Joey and board!

  42. Excited and honored for my first year voting. What a great lineup of choices even if it makes our job more difficult. Thanks to everyone at CCA for your hard work in a challenging year to make this happen.

  43. My votes are in, for the first time ever, and I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. Congratulations to all the nominees, and to all us voters!

  44. To me, the climax of all hard works in past 14 months since Jan. 2020 are submitting CCA ballot and watching Sunday CCA show.

    Great jobs to all my fellow CCA members.

  45. Thanks to CCA for all their hard work during this voting process. Hope we all can gather together again soon.

  46. Thank you for all of the hard work behind the scenes to make this possible this year. So many terrific nominees with some tough choices in many categories! Here’s to staying safe this Sunday and celebrating another strong year in film.

  47. Slightly astonished that it has been 25 years since “we” started this thing; well, since Joey took the ball and ran with it, to infinity and beyond! An amazing track record. Congrats, Joey and everyone on the board, for all your hard work, especially in this most-challenging year. Here’s to us all being together again in 2022!

  48. Just voted! Will be talking about the show on my station tomorrow morning! Can’t wait to tune in virtually this year! Thank you to the board for all your hard work!

  49. Thanks to the CCA admins who always make everything so easy and accessible! Great noms and it’s gonna be a great show.

  50. Can’t wait to tune-in! Talked about the show on-air this morning!

  51. Bravo to Joey and the team for guiding us through a strange time, but really proud of our efforts with the Docs, new Super Awards and now our grand finale.
    We did not lack for great film, performances, writing and production elements.
    Looking forward to virtually celebrating with all of you on Sunday!


  53. We did it once again! It was such a weird year! Congrats everyone, can’t wait to see each other next year!

  54. So exciting to be part of this experience ! First time voting and can not wait to tune in and see who wins! Congratulations to the board. Cheers to you & all CCA members!

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