Film Member Branch Voting for the Critics Choice Super Awards is NOW CLOSED

December 4, 2020 in MOVIES

Ballots were due on Saturday, December 5 at 11:59PM PT.
Thank you for voting!

19 responses to OFFICIAL BALLOT:
Film Member Branch Voting for the Critics Choice Super Awards is NOW CLOSED

  1. This was a fun ballot!

  2. I liked Tina Fey’s lines in “Soul” but…it wasn’t like her “performance” was so great in that. I ended up voting for her anyway. I think I was just “jazzing” with my ballot options!
    And J.K. Simmons as the villain in “Palm Springs” was fun because of his character arc.

  3. This category is a terrific idea!

  4. I do hope in the future, we can all have more of a say in what movies get nominated in this category, as a few of these films…were really, really bad.

  5. I do agree with Josh Board we need more of a voice in the nominations.

  6. Finished. To add on to what Josh said, I also don’t think Da 5 Bloods is an action movie or fits the mold of the other nominees. I still voted for it because it’s the best movie there but it sticks out as unlike the rest. Still a fun awards idea

  7. Voting completed! Great choices! Loads of fun!

  8. I voted! Hooray… I love saying that! Thank you for this opportunity.. Every interview, every movie was such a gift for the last 9 months. THANK YOU FOR THIS. Happy Holidays and Please Stay Safe and Well!

  9. Glad to have had the chance to vote for both Palm Springs and The Hunt. These movies probably won’t be among my best of year but both are movies I really enjoyed.

  10. I definitely think we’re on the right track with these awards but it needs tweeking. Josh nailed it when he said some of these movies were VERY bad… I think QUALITY should be a criteria in the future

  11. Just would like to say that the links are very difficult. Unless your home has supersonic wifi (and mine has the fastest money can buy, not to mention a Macbook Pro that’s over and above a store-bought processor), the buffering is a consistent problem to the moviegoing experience.

  12. Done, done and done

  13. Voted.

    My only regret is that Warner didn’t send a Tenet screener. At the advice of medical experts, I haven’t been to a movie theater since before the pandemic. Getting the Apple TV in November was a game-changer in terms of viewing awards screeners. Anything on my laptop (connected to my TV via HDMI) usually experiences massive buffering.

  14. Looking forward to seeing the final results!

  15. Woo hoo! Can’t wait to see who wins!

  16. Gotta say in February, I didn’t predict I’d be voting for Sonic the Hedgehog in three categories! (Dr. Robotnik may be my favorite movie villain of all time!)

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