David Sheehan

December 7, 2020 in DOCS, International, MOVIES, News, TV

David Sheehan, who was known respectfully as the “Dean of Hollywood Entertainment Reporters,” died last week.  He was 82.

One of the founding members of the Critics Choice Association and a nationally known member of the film community, Sheehan began his career in 1970 with CBS.  He worked there as an entertainment interviewer for 14 years before moving to NBC for a decade, and later returned to CBS for another 10 years.

It was widely appreciated that Sheehan never met an actor or a director he didn’t like, and he developed friendships with some of the most famous moviemakers in Hollywood.

In 2019, after receiving his cancer diagnosis, Sheehan gathered together a collection of his favorite interviews conducted with 33 Oscar winning superstars, which he called “And the Winners Are!”  This video is available online on Prime Video.

David Sheehan is survived by his children Brian, Shannon, Kelly, and a grandchild.  

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